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Welcome to the world of Bomb Stopper iSpy!

The God of Chaos, Astaroth, is on the move!

Assist the last guardian angel, Serenade, with defusing magical bombs in this revitalized adaption of the classic game of ispy.

Bomb Stoppers iSpy captures the tension and pressure of defusing bombs and adds a few daring twists! Packed with content, you'll find the hundreds of puzzles to solve challenging and fun! 


Campaign mode lets you tackle hundreds of levels across 4 unique difficulties using Serenade's hints and specials to complete the classic iSpy game mode. SpyTouch removes the keyboard and allows you to search for keys within the image to disarm the bombs and completed the level. Additionally, the Letter Hunt game type is a never ending way to earn points, which you can use to unlock and upgrade Gears. 

With new levels, and events added monthly, as well as a new game type being developed, iSpy will make your phone explode with content!

Join our Patreon family for early access to levels, extra coins and gems, and more!

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Not a fan of ads?

We got you!

In Bomb Stoppers iSpy can remove the ads and support us by unlocking the full version fo the game!

You can remove the ads in the Item Shop to gain full access to the additional features:

  • Monthly events

  • Additional campaign levels updated monthly

  • Full access to SpyTouch levels that are also updated monthly

  • Campaign plus mode

  • Unlimited access to Letter Hunt


You will get:

  • More Coins on wins! 

  • More Gems on win!!

  • A chance to receive freeze items on wins!!​!!

Need to save up before you unlock the full game, but still want to support us?

We got you too!

You can  do that by watching the ads to completion. By completing the ads you'll game points, coins, and gems, but less than you would with the ads removed.